16S rRNA microbiota profiling services


Next Generation Sequencing techniques have allowed detailed profiling of bacterial communities in high-throughput and cost effective manners. We provide services that cover the entire workflow from sample collection, DNA isolation, amplicon generation, sequencing to bioinformatic profiling.


Typical sample materials for DNA extraction are:

   -- Stool, frozen or in stabilizing solution

   -- Urine, fresh or frozen

   -- Swabs (e.g., nose, eye or skin), frozen or in stabilizing solution


Our automated DNA extraction procedure is well suited for amplicon generation as well as for metagenomics analyses.


A typical 16S profiling service would include:

   -- Amplification of V3 – V4 variable regions of 16S rRNA gene

   -- QC and normalization of amplicons

   -- Overlapped sequencing at a depth of >50,000 reads per sample

   -- Multisample phylogenetic profiling and annotation



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