The transcriptome is the total set of RNA transcripts, mRNAs and non-coding RNAs of a cell population. Transcriptome or RNA expression analysis may involve characterization of all transcriptional activity (coding/non-coding, long/short), or a select subset of RNA transcripts within a sample.


Huge-F provides a variety of options for clients who are considering RNA expression analysis.  The platforms available include microarray instrumentation, and the Illumina and Nanopore sequencers for transcriptome sequencing.


The platform of choice will depend on budget restrictions, species of interest, and the scientific goal of the experiment being considered.

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 -- RNA sequencing

Transcriptome sequencing, also referred to as RNA-seq, provides a precise measurement of transcript levels, but it can also be used for discovering novel transcripts, alternative splicing or allele-specific expression.

Huge-F supports transcriptomic studies by providing help in designing your study and guide preparation of samples and quality control, to study RNA expression on a transcriptome-wide or smaller scale. It can include mRNA, non-coding RNAs and/or small RNAs (including micro RNAs). Recent advances also allows native RNA and/or long-read sequencing of RNA using the Oxford Nanopore sequencing technique. We encourage researchers to contact us at an early stage to discuss the details of their project.




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