Epigenetics is an emerging frontier of science that involves the study of changes in the regulation of gene activity and expression that are not dependent on gene sequence. HuGe-F provides services to measure epigenetic features, such as DNA-methylation.

HuGe-F supports epigenetic studies by providing help in designing your study and guide preparation of samples and quality control, to study DNA methylation on a genome-wide or smaller scale. We encourage researchers to contact us at an early stage to discuss the details of their project



We offer the following assays for methylation analysis:



1. Illumina Infinium MethylationEPIC BeadChip array (MethylationEPIC array)

2. Whole genome Nanopore sequencing

2. Targeted techniques: Amplicon Bisulphite Sequencing and Pyrosequencing



The MethylationEPIC array by Illumina is a cost-effective solution for epigenome-wide association studies (EWAS). The array gives single-base methylation information for over 850.000 CpGs throughout the human genome. It is suitable for a variety of human tissues (including FFPE-material), allows for low DNA input and offers a combination of comprehensive, expert-selected coverage, high sample throughput, and affordable price.


The Illumina MethylationEPIC beadchip is an update of the popular Humanmethylation450 platform beadchip. The EPIC array contains >90% of the original Methylation450 Beadchip content plus an additional 350.000 CpGs in enhancer regions. The content of the Beadchip was selected by a global consortium of epigenomic experts.


The EPIC array has a comprehensive genome-wide coverage of the methylome, featuring:

  --   >95% of CpG islands

  --   sites outside of CpG islands

  --   Non-CpG methylated sites identified in human stem cells

  --   Differentially methylated sites identified in tumor versus normal

  --   FANTOM5 enhancers

  --   ENCODE open chromatin and enhancers

  --   DNase hypersensitive sites

  --   miRNA promoter regions


 If you are interested and want to know more about the possibilities and details, please send an email to dr. Gaby van Dijk.



We offer data-analysis services for analyzing epigenetic data.


Please contact us for further information.